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Train twice a week for 3 months and earn a nice reward!

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What is the challenge about?

It is common that routine is difficult to pick up and hold on to, especially after a long and well-deserved summer holiday. We're ready to help you with this and get back on track. Are you ready for us?

What is the best way to keep you motivated to stick to your new after summer routine? Rewards!

What do we have to offer?

If you train twice a week and keep this going for 3 months, we will reward you with a 10% discount on any personal training membership with us AND a free shared personal training session for you and someone else.

Custom Training studio

How it works

What you will be doing in these 3 months:

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Before you start we'll create ground zero. From this point the only way is up!

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After the intake we will set a specific 3 monthly goal for you.

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You will train twice a week with a dedicated personal trainer.

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Your trainer will have monthly evaluations with you to evaluate and adjust


Back to routine challenge

€399,- per month

  • - Custom training schedules.
  • - Dedicated personal trainer
  • - Train 2 times a week in our gym
  • - For a period of 3 months
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