Are you looking for the real personal training experience with dedicated guidance, given by a professional
personal trainer in a private gym?

Personal coaching - nutrition guidance

Why choose Advanced?

With the advanced membership you have the luxury of working out in your private gym, with a personal trainer, based on a tailor made training schedule. You will train on a weekly basis, in our private gym, to reach your personal goals as soon as possible.

Your personal trainer will guide and motivate you all the way, from clear explanation of the exercises to refining your techniques. Every 4 weeks you will also do a check-up with your personal trainer to keep track of, monitor and evaluate your progress and your goal. This contains a full body analysis, adjusting the training schedule and a general lifestyle evaluation.

We are ready for you, are you ready for us?

Custom Training studio

Advanced Includes:

Custom schedule and workouts

Monthly tailor made training schedules, based on your personal goals.

Face to face coaching & evaluation

Monthly online evaluations to check your progress and take you through the new training schedule

Weekly personal training sessions

Extensive exercise explanations, advice and guidance to get the best result.


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