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Custom training - Group training
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What we have to offer

Once you take on your journey with us, we will always start with a personal intake. During the intake we want to get to know you and your goals so we can help you in the best way possible.

Following the intake we will create a personal plan for you which we continuously monitor throughout your time with us. This way we can adjust if necessary and together reach your goals!

"The approach of Custom Training is great. It pushes us (me and my partner) to achieve our shared goals, but in a very personal and customised way. What I also enjoy is the privacy I have in the studio, before, during and after my session!"

Karen & Beau
The trainers of Custom Training are professional and really customise their guidance, in my case a training that fits my specific situation. As I have rheumatoid arthritis and a history with breast cancer, it's not always possible for me to do a "normal" training. Therefor they have created custom exercises that boost my fitness and condition.

"We used to do fitness ourselves at a gym. The problem is that we were never motivated to go, didn't have clear goals and no guidance in our exercises. We were tipped by a friend about Custom Training and we love it! They motivate us, create clear goals and offer continuous guidance. The best thing, as we used to train together (the 4 of us), we can share our Custom Training session."

Merlijn, Sanne, Anke & Lisa



Our training

Everyone is different and nobody is the same. Nevertheless we believe people can share the same goals. We offer you multiple training types to start your journey with us, as personal and custom as you like.

coaching & mentoring

We will guide you along the way to a better and healthier lifestyle.

Continuous evaluation

We will constantly measure your results and adjust if necessary.

Nutrition guidance

We will offer you personalised nutrition plan and guide you through it.

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Not in it alone? Share your goals with your partner, friend or family.

Inidividual or shared Personal training

Personal training

Take your time with just you and a personal trainer in a private studio.

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individual or shared Online coaching

Online coaching

A great experience for people already working out! Including personal coaching every month.

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