Individual Personal Training

The real 1 on 1 experience in our private gym.
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What can you expect?

Personal touch

Get of one-on-one training with your own dedicated personal trainer in your own private studio. Craft a customized training plan tailored to your goals and have your trainer's full attention for the entire session.

Lifestyle coaching

We provide lifestyle coaching to promote better sleep, manage stress, and encourage relaxation. This is important to optimize our busy and hectic lives.

Nutrition guidance

Optimize your Personal Training with personalized nutrition guidance. Our tracker helps you become conscious of the food you consume and how your nutrition relates to exercise for better results in personal training.

Step by step

Step 1 - Intake

To best track your progress, start by having an intake and body analysis with your personal trainer. With this data, we can outline your goal and make a tangible plan to help you reach it.

Step 2 - Training

Get weekly, personalized training from your dedicated trainer. Choose how often to work out, and receive a tailored, flexible, and sustainable plan that fits your objectives and daily routine.

Step 3 - Evaluations

Continuous evaluations are key to achieving your goals. We'll schedule evaluation/coaching calls every month to track your progress and make adjustments if necessary.