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At Custom Training, we understand that everyone is unique and requires an individual approach to achieve health and happiness. We emphasize the importance of training, nutrition, lifestyle, and sustainability in finding balance and reaching goals. Therefore, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach, but instead create individualized plans with our clients. Through professional and enjoyable guidance from our trainers, clients experience lasting changes in their fitness and lives.

Our aim is to help clients achieve a healthier lifestyle through increased energy, strength, and happiness. A strong body leads to a stronger mind; the two are interconnected and vital for a quality life.

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Luuk Tierie
Lead personal trainer
Jesper Goedkoop
Personal trainer
Ezra Taihuttu
Personal trainer

Our personal training studio, located in Amsterdam-West between the Frederikhendrikbuurt, Staatsliederenbuurt, and central market, has a homelike feel to make exercising enjoyable. Brightened with large windows, our indoor and outdoor spaces feature the latest clean equipment. Enjoy the sunshine while getting fit in our studio!